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We have successfully undertaken numerous construction projects ranging from small commercial building to large process plant installation. Our project managers and supervisors have extensive experience in all aspects of construction ranging from foundations and pavements to erection of multi floor process plant building.


Below are some photos of construction works All Construction Engineering have undertaken within the last 2 years.

The construction of the No 7 Gluten dryer for the Manildra group involved building out in a very restricted site. The tree line before the building is actually a creek about 15m wide.  Directly behind the building is another building about the size, and at either end of the building is a pipe bridge.  This building was predominately erected using our 50t Tadano (Jib pictured right) and our MC85B tower crane (Chains barely seen at the top of photo).  Heavier lifts were carried out using the Boom 300 t crane.


Win Stadium Northern Grandstand and the eastern wrap was erected by All Construction Engineering early in our history.

We currently own 3 mobile cranes ranging from 8 to 50 tonnes, 2 boom lifts up to 76ft, and a 12 tonne excavator with hammer and grapples. All equipment has been well maintained and carries current registration for use inside Bluescope steel as well as relevant Workcover inspections such as Cranesafe inspections.

Project safety plans, risk assessment, and safe work method statements have been developed and implements on all demolition projects we have undertaken.

The explosive demolition of this skyline conveyor at Port Kembla Coal Terminal required particular care and planning to undertake the works.  The exclusion zone included portions of Port Kembla Harbour with the assistance of NSW Police.

The Structure stood over 30m tall and was approximately 320m.  In all 450 tonnes of structural steel was processed and on sold as part of the contract.

The preparation and execution of this project was carried out in conjunction with an experience explosive demolition contractor.

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