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We hold a current unrestricted demolition licence and have 2 very experienced demolition supervisors with each having in excess of 30 years experience.  Below is a brief summary of the works which have been undertaken by our supervisors.

Sample of Project Experience




Demolition of No2 Open Hearth Building


Removal and scrapping of 18,000 tonnes of heavy steel from a major BHP building. The 2 year project used large cranes (over 100 tonnes) , 75 tonne excavator with shears, controlled felling of massive crane runway girders, and manual scraping of heavy sections

Mario Aiello

Demolition of Bradford breaker

Removal and scraping of 2000 tonnes of heavy structural steel. The 4 month project consisted of the explosive felling of the breaker building, then scraping with shears and oxy torches/lances.

Dominic Monteleone 

Demolition of Tallawarra Power Station

This project involved the removal of the removal and disposal of  17,000 tonnes of steel and 30,000 tonnes of concrete. The 2 ½ year project consisted of the explosive felling of the two main stacks, mechanical and manual scraping of steel and the crushing and grade of concrete for select fill.

Mario Aiello

Demolition of South Bulli washery

(NRE Gurgratt)

This involved the removal and disposal of 1200 tonnes of structural steel, and mechanical equipment. The 12 month project involved the on sale of reusable equipment, and the classification and scraping for ferrous alloys.

Dominic Monteleone 

Demolition of Yass Substation


This project consisted of the removal and disposal for approximately 20 acres of high voltage switch yard.  The 26 week project involved the controlled dismantling of overhead conductors, switchgear, transformers and the disposal of PCB contaminated equipment.

Dominic Monteleone 

Demolition of Skyline Conveyors


This involved the preparation, explosive demolition and scrapping of a 30m high skyline conveyor at the Port Kembla Coal Terminal.

Mario Aiello

Below are some photos of demolition works All Construction Engineering have undertaken within the last few years.

demo1A section of the switchyard being dismantled. The process materials are being handled with our excavator and grabs. Each type of material was segregated and stock piled awaiting out loading.  The stockpiles areas were barricaded to prevent accidental entry. Scrap materials included steel, plain copper, insulated copper cables and high grade aluminium conductors.

demo2South Bulli
washery was dismantle in section using our own cranage for most lifts (Boom logistic was used for heavier components).

We currently own 3 mobile cranes ranging from 8 to 50 tonnes, 2 boom lifts up to 76ft, and a 12 tonne excavator with hammer and grapples. All equipment has been well maintained and carries current registration for use inside Bluescope steel as well as relevant Workcover inspections such as Cranesafe inspections.

Project safety plans, risk assessment, and safe work method statements have been developed and implements on all demolition projects we have undertaken.

demo3The explosive demolition of this skyline conveyor at Port Kembla Coal Terminal required particular care and planning to undertake the works.  The exclusion zone included portions of Port Kembla Harbour with the assistance of NSW Police.

The Structure stood over 30m tall and was approximately 320m.  In all 450 tonnes of structural steel was processed and on sold as part of the contract.

The preparation and execution of this project was carried out in conjunction with an experience explosive demolition contractor.

We would be happy to provide contact details for referees on the recent projects undertaken by All Construction Engineering on request.

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