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All Construction Engineering has carried out the construction of varied concrete structures ranging from in-ground footing and road pavements to above ground water retaining structures and heavy machinery foundations. 


image2We can provide feasibility studies, concept design solutions, and final design and construction management as part of our services.

We have several extremely experienced supervisors with a support crew of form- workers, steel fixers, and concreters and carry the associated                 constructional equipment which allows us to carry out project in house.

For larger projects we have formed strong alliances specialized form working and steel fixing organizations.



ACE has developed internal procedures to ensure product quality confirms with AS 1379 “ Specification and supply of concrete” AS3600 “Concrete structures” andAS3610 “Formwork for concrete”.

Inspection and test plans can be further developed to ensure compliance with additional client requirements and testing.

ACE systems conform to AS9000.

Current Project Capabilities

As a guide, All Construction Engineering has manage and produce the following

Project Turnover:                    $1 MIL per Month

Concrete placement:               200m2 per Day

Concrete finishing:                  1000m2

Steel fixing:                             20 Tonnes /Day

We will be happy to look at a project of any size and offer pricing for those assessed to be within our capabilities.


Sample of Project Experience




Construction of Magnetite Pit.

BHP Billiton

Construction on in ground concrete tank with steep sloping floors, suspended concrete supports beams.


Coil processing foundations.

Bluescope Steel

Construction of foundations and deep looping pits for coils slitting and cut to length lines. Limited site room and adjacent concrete building footing and ground water added complexity to the project.

Foundations consisted of 600m3 concrete, 80 tonnes of reinforcement steel.



Waste water treatment tank.


Construction of water retaining treatment tank with internal compartments. Project consisted of 6m high tank walls, 900m3 concrete and 200 tonnes of reinforcement steel.



Concrete foundations and Precast Concrete Panels

Bitz Excavations

Construction of commercial tilt up building at Bulli.

Consisted of the construction of bored pier footing, 1300m2 concrete floors and


Construction of short run flour mill.


Construction of a 30m high  5 storey process building consisting of heavy screwed pile foundations, 1000m2 of suspended concrete floors and 2000m2 of precast concrete walls.


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